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Design Process

Initial Consultation

Introductory appointment to meet you and for general discussion with respect to your objectives and my design work. This appointment is free of charge. This will be followed up with an indicative quotation and contract for a design for your garden.

Contact me to arrange a meeting.

Site Analysis and Survey

Appointment to discuss your objectives in detail and to put together a brief for the design of your garden. I will carry out a full site analysis at this stage. This will be followed up by a written summary of the brief to confirm that our discussions with respect to your needs and objectives for your garden are in accordance with your aspirations and to allow for you to make any further clarification should you wish to do so. It is recommended that an independent surveyor be appointed to produce a topographical survey of the site.

Outline Design

I will produce an outline design for your garden. Designs will include an outline plan (Bird’s Eye View) that will show the proposed structure of the space delineating areas of hard landscaping and soft landscaping and with initial ideas on types of materials to be employed and style of planting.

Elevation drawings and some perspective drawings will be produced to provide you with a greater visual insight into the design.

Appointment to be arranged in which I will present the design and discuss in detail.

Hard Landscaping Drawings

Detailed technical drawings for hard landscaping elements can be produced as the designs proceeds to building stage to be passed on to the chosen landscaping contractor. This will give you greater peace of mind as to the quality of the work being carried out. See links page for a list of recommended landscapers.

Planting  Plans

Detailed planting plans can be produced for all or some areas of planting.

Site Visits

I can make myself available for regular visits to site to ensure that the build is progressing in accordance with the design and the quality of workmanship is maintained.

Maintenance Plan

Gardens are ever evolving so a maintenance plan can be produced to ensure that the long term is well considered and the garden develops in accordance with the design.