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Portfolio of Garden Design Projects

Hilltop Hideout

This site is set on a steep slope and it has something of a surreal atmosphere about it. The topography produces some amazing acoustics within the space and the most powerful feature is the sounds of the wildlife emanating thoughout, amongst other noises, which are intensified by the dynamics of the lay of the land. I felt that these characteristics should be expanded on as a garden for reflection. The surreal atmosphere required something equally surreal in response.

I refer to this garden as ‘A Garden to Tease the Senses’. The aim is to provoke reflection and contemplation for the users of the space. The main tool is the employment of block hedging in a maze-like formation which leads the user on a journey through the space. The repetition, monotone of colour and block form all serve to give an intense atmosphere. The lower level includes a still, reflective pool surrounded by a carpet of moss and mists rise from the pool at times to add to the atmosphere all of which can be appreciated from a viewing deck reaching out at the upper level of the garden.

The overall intention of the design is to create a sensory experience with a modern but organic response. The organic form is faithful to the wildlife that frequents the space yet adds to the surreal qualities of the site.